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About the event

April 27th will see the return of Code in the Dark, a competition that pits the best front-end developers against each other to show off their skills in front of a live audience of digital enthusiasts.

The event, which is free to enter as both a contestant and part of the audience, will be running as part of this year’s Leeds Digital Festival, the north’s largest open platform digital festival.

Held in Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, the contest will have a total of 25 web developers compete across five preliminary heats before a nail-biting final. Rather than the typical web developer hackathon, Code in the Dark is conducted in an intense party atmosphere, with electro music, lasers and smoke all there to put the contestants out of their comfort zone and liven up the crowd.

Our mission

We all love our profession here at Epiphany, and we know there are plenty of people in the north who feel the same as we do, Code in the Dark is a way to get like-minded people together for a fun night of lasers, drinks and competitive coding. We want people to enjoy themselves in the spirit of a good time, so we try not to take things too seriously! While we enjoy seeing our competitors flop sweat with fear and panic on stage when that timer sounds we also love seeing how our event brings together some of the Norths best and brightest developers for a truly unique developer meetup. We have plenty of laughs during the course of the event, from failed attempts to miraculous last-minute edits that make all the difference we put veteran developers through their paces in our unique take on TicTails Code in the Dark competition!

About the site

This site was developed using all the bells and whistles of the modern web, as such it probably won’t render on older browsers and devices! Sorry, not sorry. It was designed and developed by a collaboration of Brijan Powell and Alex Bennett. Brijan kindly offered to design the site for free as part of a twitter outreach, one we were very grateful to receive given his enormous talent for design. You can see more of Brijan’s work at behance. Alex worked on the site entirely in his own time in a rush to meet a reasonable go-live deadline for this year’s competition and will be amending it continually until both parties are satisfied, it has been a labor of love between the two, working at odd hours to ensure lines of communication were maintained given Brijan’s resides across the pond!

A huge thank you again to Brijan for offering his services for this redesign.

The site was built using Pixi.js / ScrollMagic / GSAP.

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